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You vs You is a positive approach to support the development of all young people. We want to support people to have bright futures, enjoy fulfilling lives and realise their potential through positive relationships and exciting opportunities. By doing this we ensure that our future generation is equipped to create the economic and social changes needed for the area to develop. We can create communities that enable young people to thrive and flourish to be hopeful, focused and successful. This program will demonstrate how positive encouragement plays a vital role in enabling a young person to feel motivated and recognised in their personal/interpersonal development. The programme also aimed to improve the Mental Health Wellbeing of participants as this is a critical issue within our society. Investing in young people is crucial to the growth and success of our economy and communities. You vs. You will set an example of how this can be done most effectively.  

About the project
We have chosen MBSR as a neutral technique used all over the world, practised in all religions, traditions and cultures. It has proven effectively to increase well-being, teaching people to learn to manage stress, anxiety, depression, illness, chronic pain and addiction. In addition, we will incorporate psychotherapeutic and wellness tools such as Lumina (psychometric test games), to enhance interaction and provide participants with a range of tools. This aim to provide a small safe and intermate environment to enable participants the space and opportunity to understand themselves better, build resilience, confidence, enhance their health and well-being and provide a safe place to combat isolation through social cohesion. Additionally, the course will be a first point of call where further support is given to access other mental health services, if and when necessary. Furthermore, it will serve as a platform for identifying any other specific needs of the young people and signpost them to appropriate services in the area.  


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Tel: 07493 649726