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Collection of spoken word, poetry and live music, performed at London’s Young Vic theatre

Jody Nolan-Greenwood Suicide! Been there, done that and I’m alive today to tell the tale…literally. Hi, I’m jodY a born & bred Londoner & Spoken Word Poet. My poem “Autistic/Artistic” focuses on the trial & tribulations I’ve faced when being diagnosed with Asperger’s and the darkness that followed when being an artist trapped in a love triangle.

Magda Hunt Onatra is a multidisciplinary artist and writer. Her poetry tends to reflect on transness, identity in relation to Colombian diaspora and memorialisation. She was part of the defunct ‘Gold of Fck’ art collective and editor of Sect_viscera Magazine in 2019.

Priscila Hernandez. GrowwithHER is an artist from south-east London, she is a first-generation Venezuelan migrant and survivor of CSA. Her work explores personal experiences of adversity and trauma and their relation to socio-political contexts. You can find out more about her work through the following social media platforms and website.

SOULISH: Solomon Adams is a performance artist who works in the mediums of spoken word, theatre, dance, beatbox, DJing and music production. His influences include Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk and Soul. Tish Chhaya is a musician, poet, and rapper whose influences include funk, soul, service and motivation through words and music from the perspective of shamanic ideals.

Together, they are SOULISH, an alchemical, musical duo based in London. They made their debut joint performance together in 2017 at the Ritzy in Brixton. Solomon’s soulful poetics along with Tish’s innovative melodic creation work well together creating spoken word melodic masterpieces.

Between the two of them, they have experience headlining at the Edinburgh Fringe, Leefest, Camden Fringe, Rich Mix’s Youth Takeover, M.O.E Presents and Poetical Word to name a few.

Born in East London, Aouda is an Algerian/British writer, reciter, poet and performer. A lover of words and literature, she has performed in various venues in London including the British Library and the Young Vic Theatre, and has been featured in BBC Radio 4’s ‘Poetry Please’ segment.


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