About Thrive LDN

Towards happier, healthier lives

Thrive LDN is a citywide movement to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Londoners

Thrive LDN is supported by the Mayor of London and led by the London Health Board

Our aspirations for London

  • A city where individuals and communities take the lead
  • A city free from mental health stigma and discrimination
  • A city that maximises the potential of children and young people
  • A city with a happy, healthy and productive workforce
  • A city with services that are there when, and where needed
  • A zero suicide city

A picture of poor mental health in London


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Problem Solving Booths

Thrive LDN is getting Londoners talking.

Problem Solving Booths (PSBs) enable wellbeing conversations. Booths consist of two chairs; one for the ‘helped’ who may have a problem or need advice, and one for the ‘helper’ who assists them; people are often asked to then swap roles.


PSBs are often set up in busy public places to give people the opportunity to talk to or help someone.



Where did this idea come from?

PSBs were an idea suggested by a young person who was asked what would help the “stresses in his head”; he replied, “a problem solving booth right here.”


The social enterprise Owls has led the development of this idea with a range of partners across London.


Learn more with this video on PSBs.





Getting involved

You can check Our Activities page for the details of booths near you!


We will be adding to the list of booths we are running throughout summer, so please do get in touch if you have an idea for where a booth could get conversations started.

Community workshops across London boroughs

Thrive LDN is helping communities to develop their own solutions

Starting community conversations

Thrive LDN are working with the Mental Health Foundation to host community workshops at a borough based level aimed at encouraging people to work together to improve health and happiness in their borough.

These community conversation will bring together local people, NHS providers and commissioners, local councillors, social landlords, businesses, voluntary and community sector organisations, local faith groups and Healthwatch to discuss how they might work together to support Thrive’s aspirations.


Thrive aims to pilot a handful of workshops over the summer and get these important conversations started. We will then put together a toolkit so that other boroughs can hold their own conversations to come up with their own solutions with the support of Thrive.