Everyone should have an equal right to good mental health. But they don’t. We believe this is fundamentally unfair.

Right to Thrive is Thrive LDN’s ongoing commitment to celebrate and protect diversity in London, especially for those at higher risk of unfair treatment based on their identity, beliefs, or social class, and in some cases a combination of these.

Right to Thrive encompasses a broad range of partnerships and activities which collectively aim to support those communities and groups most likely to experience poor mental health to amplify their voices, share power and leadership, and address some of the health equity issues they are facing. Our activities have also included free training and capacity building opportunities for individuals and grassroot organisations in London to help develop new skills and build resilience.

Right to Thrive partnerships and activities

Right to Thrive Innovation Fund

Thrive LDN has launched a Right to Thrive Innovation Fund, a small-grants scheme, designed to fund and support innovative community and grassroots projects across London which help support the mental health and wellbeing of those who are experiencing higher levels of unfair treatment and discrimination. Projects for this fund with begin delivery in January 2022.


Radical Self-Care Leadership Development

Thrive LDN is working with Innovation Unit and Mind in the City, Hackney & Waltham Forest to deliver a training put together by experienced practitioners, aiming to help build resilience, teach self-care and mindfulness skills to address some of the unique mental health needs and experiences. Radical self-care is an approach which addresses peoples own anxiety and shame-based self-criticism, often internalised from the society and context in which we live.

The Radical Self Care workshops will start in early 2022. For more information and expression of interest in taking part, please contact righttothrive@thriveldn.co.uk.


Peer to Peer Support

We know that collectively sharing experiences through peer-to-peer support can improve mental health and wellbeing. During the pandemic, Thrive LDN worked in partnership with Jen Group to offer a regular space for volunteers working in grassroots and community organisations across London to come together to share best practice and mutual learning.

The Jen Group established a private Facebook group called London Grassroots Organisations Meeting Space for anyone working or volunteering for grassroots organisations in London to connect and get quick access to the help that you might need, join the group.

Following on from this, Thrive LDN worked in partnership with Mind in London to deliver a 6-week online course to support individuals to set up their own peer support group within their community of organisation. Throughout the sessions individuals went through the process of setting up a group and how they might manage different situations.


Training and development

Community organisations told us that they would benefit from training to support funding processes such as applications and evaluation forms. We worked in partnership with NCVO to offer a suite of training opportunities to help build skills within organisations to support long term sustainability and development.

We are continuously expanding our offers for community and grassroot projects. To hear more about our current offers for individuals and grassroot organisations, please sign up to our regular newsletter or contact righttothrive@thriveldn.co.uk.


Right to Thrive Grants Scheme

In July 2020, we awarded more than £170,000 to 24 community and grassroots projects across London to help support the mental health and wellbeing of those who are experiencing higher levels of unfair treatment and discrimination through our Right to Thrive grants scheme. The community and grassroots projects were all aiming to improve the wellbeing of people from racialised and/ or minoritised communities in London.