MOREYOGA presents De-stress & Decompress - beginner-friendly yoga class
A free virtual yoga class hosted by MOREYOGA

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About this event

Make space for more self-care in this virtual class with Yoga Therapist Liz Joy Oakley from MOREYOGA, focused on releasing any stress or tension in your body and letting go of any mental clutter through gentle movement and mindful breath-work. Closing with a guided meditation to leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and reenergised!

This class is suitable for total beginners or more experienced Yogi’s – all are welcome.

Liz encourages you to connect to your breathing as you move into each posture, creating balance in the physical body and calming the nervous system. When our Parasympathetic Nervous System is activated we move into a space of rest and recovery, our breathing calms, our heart rate slows and our bodies are able to repair in a state of relaxation.

About the teacher
Liz Joy Oakley is a Holistic Well-being Coach & Yoga Teacher specialising in Yoga Therapy for Anxiety & Stress. Liz is Head of Wellness at MoreYoga and co-founded the MoreMind Programme to promote positive mental health and tackle the taboo that still exists around it.

She is a proud advocate for Mental Health Awareness and her writing and commentary has been featured in Time Out, Women’s Health, The Times, The Telegraph, Time & Leisure and more.

Find Liz on Instagram at @lizjoywellbeing

Creative Meditation Session
Celebrate London's first Great Mental Health Day by taking part in this free online creative meditation session!

About this event

To celebrate London’s first Great Mental Health Day, we ran a free creative meditation session, to help Londoners to take some time out to relax, declutter your mind and feel energised for the year ahead. Meditation has a positive influence on your mental, emotional, and physical health. It helps to relax your nervous system and provides respite from muscular tension as well as mental stress. You can watch back a recording of this session here. You do not have to be skilled at meditation to join this session – it is suitable for everyone and all ages. All you need is a willingness to give meditation a go.

About the trainer

Liza Collins has been working in healthcare for over 30 years. Besides her NHS career, Liza has also trained as a yoga teacher, nutritionist and Reiki Master and has been teaching and facilitating creative meditation sessions for nearly 20 years. Liza is passionate about improving mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing and incorporates this approach into her day-to-day life and work.

A Radically Caring Pause
Explore what Radical Caring means to us

About this event

We hosted a virtual event to practice and explore what Radical Caring means to us, with opportunities to sign up to an 8-workshop training programme beginning in February 2022.

About Radical Self-Care:

Radical Self-Care (RadSec) is a training programme developed by dedicated workers and volunteers at Mind in the City, Hackney & Waltham Forest. The approach addresses people’s own anxiety and shame-based self-criticism, often internalised from the society and context in which we live. RadSec draws on our innate capacity for awareness and for care. The model supports people to ‘draw from our own strengths, just as we are’, so that  we are better resourced to look after ourselves and each other, allowing respect and care to affect the way we live our lives.

RadSec stands for and works from the principles of intersectionality, lived experience leadership, and trauma-sensitivity. Mental health is understood in the social context of people’s lives.

About the organisers:

Thrive LDN is working in partnership with Mind in the City, Hackney & Waltham Forest and Innovation Unit, to grow a culture of Radical Caring in different places and communities across London. By joining this session you will also learn more about an 8-workshop training programme beginning in February 2022.

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