Experiences and reflections

Thrive LDN encourages young Londoners to share to their experiences and reflections of overcoming challenges during difficult times.


Listen to conversations and discussions as young Londoners discuss their approaches to managing their mental health.

In this panel, panellists and audience members explore how the manage their mental health and wellbeing.

In this panel discussion, we explore how we can look after each other and ourselves, together.

In this panel discussion, we discuss how decisions get made and how young people can exercise power.

Performances and Spoken Word

Spoken word performances from artists and poets focusing on ways to manage mental health.

‘An Invitation’ is a guided meditation, with music containing a mixture of kind of frequency hertz and binaural beats.

A spoken word performance by Tyreis Holder at the Access All Areas Festival for World Mental Health Day 2022.

Hear from Young Londoners

Hear from Young Londoners on the challenges they face and the tools they use to maintain good mental health.

Act On Podcast

The Act On podcast focuses on issues facing young Londoners’ lives, such as inequality, the challenges of social media and the positive impact of participating in live music and cultural activities.

The Act On podcast series for young Londoners, by young Londoners.

Inspiring Londoners

Inspiring stories and initiatives from groups of Londoners who have come together in the name of mental health.

In2Music, a free music course run by Capo Lee where young people are invited to develop their music skills and creativity through learning lyric writing, recording and performing techniques and music production.

Meet Dodgy Tickers. Based in East London, Dodgy Tickers is a football and exercise based peer-to-peer support programme for over 50s.

Meet Rachel Dimond, CEO of charity My Yard, which was formed in 2014 as a community response to local food poverty and social deprivation in the Harrow, Bushey, and Barnet areas.