Building personal resilience

Resilience is our ability to cope with the stresses of life, and bounce back from adversity. Our resilience may vary over a lifetime. It can be built up – or eroded by difficult circumstances. The good news is that we can teach ourselves to be more resilient.


Resilience isn’t a fixed character trait but something that can be learned and improved.  Importantly, there are positive things which you can do to help keep your resilience ‘topped up’. Here we outline some free resources to support you and others to stay resilient.

Resources from Good Thinking
London’s digital wellbeing service, Good Thinking, has a range of tools and resources to support your wellbeing. Here’s a selection on tackling loneliness and staying connected.
Dealing with stress
Read how to deal with stress and understand the most important things you can do.
Feeling Good
Teach your body to let go of tension with the NHS-accredited Feeling Good app.
Coping with stress
Read counsellor Paul Hurst’s tips on how to cope with stress.
Improving sleep
Listen to Michael Farquhar, an expert on sleep at Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Trust, on how to improve the length and quality of your sleep.
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Resources to help you
Building emotional resilience with Dr Radha
Get lots of ideas and inspiration for building your emotional resilience in this 20-minute video with NHS GP, broadcaster and wellbeing campaigner Dr Radha Modgil.
Managing change
Change can feel scary. Hear from four Londoners with very different perspectives about their experiences and challenges building their emotional resilience (with British Sign Language).
Tips from an expert
Watch Dr Lucy Hone’s TED talk on the three secrets of resilient people.
Managing stress through resilience
Read mental health charity Mind’s advice on how to manage stress and be more resilient.
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Resources to help you support others
Creating resilience societies
Listen to Dr Lucy Hone, Director of New Zealand’s Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience on ‘the ordinary magic’ of creating resilient people and societies.
Supporting someone experiencing stress
Read Mind’s advice for friends and family wanting to support someone experiencing stress.
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