Creativity and wellbeing
How creativity is important for good wellbeing

Throughout the pandemic many Londoners have turned to creative activities to support their mental health and wellbeing and keep connected with friends and family.


There are so many forms creativity and culture can take, allowing people to express themselves in different ways, without having to use words if necessary. The arts provide one of the most effective ways for people to have discussions around issues that can be difficult to explore in other ways. This helps to tackle inequalities by engaging people from all backgrounds and communities.


Here we outline some free resources to support you and others to support wellbeing through creative activity.

Resources to help you
Being creative
From writing a song to upcycling your junk, find fun ways of upping your creative activities in the Back from the Bluez workbook.
Culture and mental health
Discover a wide range of podcasts on culture and mental health brought together by the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance.
Act On Podcast
Listen to Thrive LDN’s podcast Act On: Creativity, hosted by Tom Philipson, with guests Bob Jones, Priscila Hernandez, Ryan Saunders and Yossi.
Creativity and mental health
Watch four young London-based actors share how staying creative during the pandemic has supported their wellbeing.
Listening to music
Discover the joys of really listening to music and its effects on our wellbeing in this podcast from Edward Breen, a musicologist at City Lit.
Cove app
Download the cove app to create music to capture your mood and express how you feel
Arts, culture and wellbeing
Find out how art and culture can improve your wellbeing with these blogs from the Art Council
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Resources to help you support others
Supporting wellbeing and resilience
Watch a panel discussion on how arts and cultural activities can support young people’s emotional wellbeing and help build resilience.
Volunteering and connection
Watch and hear from young charity worker and youth advocate, Faith, talk about how her creative role and working with other young people during the pandemic has supported her wellbeing.
Act On Podcast
Listen to Thrive LDN’s podcast Act On: Culture and Participation, hosted by Radio 1’s Katie Thistleton, on the positive effects arts and cultural events can have on wellbeing.
Cheapskate London
Sign up to the Cheapskate London newsletter and discover free events taking place across the capital.
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