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Find hope and inspiration from other Londoners

However you’re feeling right now is valid. For many of us this has been the most challenging period of our lives, and the return to ‘normal life’ may bring its own anxieties. You may have concerns about your future, or about somebody close to you.


The pandemic has widened pre-existing inequalities and is being seen not only as a health crisis, but dramatically affecting people’s social, economic and family life, as well as their mental health. Here, you can find hope and inspiration as other Londoners share how they have overcome difficulties and what they have done to improve their wellbeing.

Resources from Good Thinking
London’s digital wellbeing service, Good Thinking, has a range of tools and resources to support your wellbeing. Here’s a selection of first-hand experiences and accounts from Londoners.
Good Thinking podcast
The Good Thinking podcast captures the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of Londoners, sharing their approaches on how to stay mentally healthy.
Faith and belief communities
Good Thinking has been working with a diverse range of faith and belief communities across London to provide tailored wellbeing content and support.
Janet Ellis: coping with grief
Janet Ellis shares her experience of coping with grief and isolation during lockdown.
The kindness of neighbours
Read on The Good Thinking blog Sarah’s story about the kindness of neighbours.
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Other resources from Thrive LDN and partners
Pandemic Stories
Read Pandemic Stories which gives voice to people from London’s hardest hit communities.
Community insights
Explore Thrive LDN's community insights from the pandemic, specifically highlighting themes around racism, discrimination, the digital divide, and community and social networks.
Young creatives
Watch and hear from young creatives in London, opening up about their experiences during lockdown.
Inter-generational support
Read about an innovative project in Haringey which brought together older residents and younger volunteers, to tackle isolation through companionship, walks and online creativity.
Community-based solutions
Read how community-based solutions can help everyone in London have an equal chance to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.
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