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World Book Day 2021
Two book readings for young children and parents on Thursday, 4 March at 10am
Twenty minutes to better resilience with Dr Radha
with Dr. Radha

We’ve teamed up with Dr Radha Modgil – NHS GP, broadcaster and campaigner for wellbeing – as well as Londoners like you, to develop a 20-minute training video on emotional resilience.

Tools and resources to help your mental health and wellbeing
It is normal and okay to feel upset, anxious or confused at times.
Coping Well During Covid
When times are uncertain, it's understandable to experience a rollercoaster of emotions.

Watch NHS wellbeing webinars focused on helping you cope with the impact of COVID-19.

Support after sudden bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic
November 2020
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Supporting those adversely affected or distressed by the coronavirus outbreak
An overview of psychosocial approaches and general guidance
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Thrive Together: lessons from the most challenging year of Londoners' lives
Exploring the key themes from Thrive LDN's community insights
Whatever you’re feeling right now is valid
It is normal and perfectly understandable that you might be feeling anxious and worried at the moment.

Dealing with difficult emotions can be challenging but help and support is available.

Good Thinking
Find NHS-approved mental health tools and advice to support you
Advice for parents and carers
Ways to improve your wellbeing
It’s OK to not feel OK during challenging times.
Thrive Together
A summary of recent experiences and ideas to support the wellbeing and resilience of all Londoners
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Online Events
Throughout the summer, as a result of circumstances around Covid-19, Thrive LDN has been running a series of online events, webinars and panel discussions.
Keeping Well for Health and Care Workers
Helping you manage your emotional health and wellbeing whilst looking after others

A series of NHS-led webinars focused on supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of health and care workers.

London’s progress towards happier, healthier lives
Thrive LDN Insights: 2019/20 interim report
Londoners did

Londoners did outlines the actions that many of the participants and public health officials have taken to lead change locally since holding community conversations. Download the report.

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Keeping Londoners Well

Findings and recommendations from Revealing Reality’s research on intersectionality and lived experience of mental health

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Ensuring all Londoners have an equal opportunity to good mental health

The Thrive LDN team in collaboration with Purpose organised a two day co-creation sprint to create a shared vision of the impact that Thrive LDN can generate, and to develop a theory of change to achieve it

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What Londoners with Lived Experience Said

Findings from HEAR Network’s research on the impact of intersectional stigma on mental wellbeing

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Thrive LDN logos for Pride

Thrive LDN logos to be used for Pride events.

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Creativity & Wellbeing Week

Social media collateral to support Creativity & Wellbeing Week.

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Londoners said...

Findings from the 17 community workshops we’ve delivered in half of London boroughs, in partnership with Mental Health Foundation.

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Zero Suicide LDN campaign collateral

Collateral for the Zero Suicide LDN campaign (updated Monday 9th September 2019)

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Community conversations toolkit
Host your own
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Problem Solving Booths toolkit
Create your own
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Londoners said...
Social media collateral from our community workshops.
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Right to Thrive
Social media collateral for our Right to Thrive project
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Are we OK London? 2018
Social media collateral for our 2018 campaign
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OK figure designs
Generic OK figure designs for Instagram
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Thrive LDN Culture
The opportunities for arts and cultural activities to improve the mental health and wellbeing of Londoners
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2017 campaign findings report
The findings report provides an overview of the engagement and participation in the the campaign.
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Are we OK London? 2017
Social media collateral from our 2017 campaign
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Towards happier, healthier lives
Our ideas about how we can help London thrive.
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Mapping mental health in London
A report into the prevalence of determinants and mental health inequalities in the city
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