Children and teenagers might be experiencing a range of emotions because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Below are a range of tools and resources for parents and carers to support their children in navigating the challenges and experiences that may arise due to the pandemic.

Good Thinking's guide for parents
Providing a guide for parents and carers as well as a range of resources for children.

London’s digital mental wellbeing service, Good Thinking, has made a handy guide for parents to help guide their children through uncertain times.

They have also brought together a collection of resources to do with children to help them manage their wellbeing.

New online resilience course for parents in London
Thrive LDN is working with charity Bounce Forward to provide 1,000 free training course places for parents to help them and their children now and beyond the pandemic.

Bounce Forward image with text 'help children to thrive

In a new collaboration between Bounce Forward and Thrive LDN, a series of online sessions is being launched for the beginning of 2021 for parents in London.

The sessions will help parents build the understanding, knowledge, and skills of resilience to help children thrive during this time of uncertainty. The sessions start with personal resilience to support parents to look after themselves, something which can be easily forgotten, and focus on resilience in the context of thriving and being able to be the best we can be in the small everyday moments.

You can find out more and register for the sessions online here.

Immersive storytelling with Ruby's Worry
Watch an immersive storytelling performance of the children’s book Ruby’s Worry to celebrate World Book Day 2020.

To celebrate World Book Day 2020, Thrive LDN worked with Discover Children’s Story Centre to create a live performance of Tom Percival’s Ruby’s Worry, streamed live to schools across London.

You can watch the full performance below (performance starts at 8 minutes).

Five top tips on preparing children for a return to school
Thrive LDN in partnership with MIND West London has produced a series of short videos to support young people, education staff, and parents as they returned to school and college in September 2020.

The videos are produced by London’s Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructors and other partners whose roles include supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people. The platform also hosts existing videos that promote the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.


In this video, Stacey Edmead discusses 5 top tips for parents and carers for parents who may be thinking about ways of preparing their child return to school.

Building resilience in students through a whole school approach

In this video, Catherine Hutchinson discusses resilience and how schools can build resilience in their students through a whole school approach.

Eating disorders and reaching out for support

In this video, Hope Virgo discusses eating disorders and reaching out for support.

Racism and mental health

In this video, Natalie Hardie discusses how education staff can support young people affected by the Back Lives Matter movement.

Looking after yourself and your friends

In this video Stephanie Kamara talks about self-care using social media platform as analogies.