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About the organisation
Akwaaba is a Hackney-based social centre for migrants. We offer a space for rest, play, learning and mutual support. Akwaaba is for all migrants regardless of immigration status, ‘race’, religion, country of origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and (dis)ability. We believe that no-one is illegal. We are committed to actively opposing racism and all other forms of discrimination and oppression. Our aim is to build community and foster care, cooperation and solidarity. As a community, we try to make decisions collectively and give all members an equal say in how the social centre is run. Akwaaba is a volunteer-run space.

About the project
Volunteer Development Programme.
Our overarching aim is to make Akwaaba a co-creation of its migrant and non-migrant members and that means actively promoting the participation of those who face barriers to playing an active part in community life. The number of migrant community members who are volunteering at Akwaaba has grown significantly over the past year and we would like to provide more support to our migrant volunteers so that they can continue to attend Akwaaba regularly, develop in their roles and acquire new skills.

We regularly have 15 to 20 such volunteers each week at all levels: as ‘welcome’ volunteers and kitchen volunteers; as workshop facilitators; as premises supervisors and kitchen supervisors; as trustees; and as our new book keeper. We are seeking funding to cover the travel costs of 20 migrant community volunteers per week; fund relevant volunteer training sessions, including sessions on mental health self-care; and pay for childcare etc so volunteers can attend meetings and training days.