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Core Arts is a leading mental health creative education centre Since 1992 Core Arts has been providing best practice and best value in Mental Health care in London. Based in Hackney, it promotes positive mental health and wellbeing through a college-like environment of creative learning. Providing quality education, training, employment and social enterprise initiatives that enable people who experience mental health issues to overcome barriers, fulfil their potential and participate fully in their community. Our mission is to support and promote recovery, social inclusion and mental wellbeing through the arts and enhance service user experience.

About the project
Core Gardening for Life
The NEW Core Arts garden created from “Our Spaces” grant in 2019 and using Core Landscapes roof garden and neighbouring street tree pits, the “Core Gardening for Life” programme will:

•Empower marginalised people with lived experienced of mental ill health to connect with nature by learning life-long horticultural skills in a supportive social environment.
•Engage with the natural world to increase mental health resilience, enable life long self-care, create opportunities for personal development + increase physical and mental wellbeing.

The skills will be learnt from developing the new CA’s gardens and local tree pits, caring for and propagating sensory, seasonal and emotive plants throughout the 4 seasons, in supportive + structured sessions. With a combination of technical + practical horticulture sessions, nature perception + overcoming obstacles + fears, to create opportunities for personal development and social inclusion.  

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Tel: 020 8533 3500