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Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club is an English rugby union club, located in West London.

About the project
Expanding horizons: Community Rugby for young black men in White City
A community rugby programme in the highly deprived White City area of Hammersmith which reaches out to young black men, and offers them the opportunity to start playing the game. This community rugby programme will take place in the Linford Christie Stadium, and work with 30 young black men from the local area participating in weekly rugby sessions over 30 weeks. These will be supplemented by monthly workshops on topics surrounding mental health, wellbeing, life planning and aspirations. These workshops will build upon the personal development aspect of playing rugby, helping participants to think of the various opportunities that exist for them both within rugby and sport, but also in the wider world.

The weekly sessions will be run by two of our Foundation’s experienced, capable sessional coaches, while workshops will be run by experts on the particular topics, with our coaches also in attendance to provide additional support. Many of our coaches are current or former players from the Ealing Trailfinders Club, and provide very good role models to young men in particular. As well as offering the benefits of their experience playing the game and living well, they also offer a very positive form of masculinity to young men who may be from very challenging backgrounds and vulnerable to influence from more toxic forms of masculinity.

Coaches will be supported by two volunteers who we will recruit specifically for the project. We will encourage young people to take up leadership roles within the sessions too, and to progress towards volunteering in our other programmes (so further supporting their ongoing personal development).

Contact information
Tel: 020 8799 0404