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About the project

This service addresses the gap in provision for those fleeing their homeland because of being LGBT+ and often still face discrimination here from those from their homeland. This project addresses social isolation, psychological distress and supports the creation of peer networks of support to build a new life integrated in the community. All those we support are both economically and socially disadvantaged. Most have no contact with their families of origin. Many have no or limited connections to others in the UK and are afraid of being “outed” in the communities of origin here in the UK.

This project enables LGBT+ asylum seekers to meet weekly and also encourages peer networks to form so support and friendships can extend beyond the group. The groups enable peer support and the sharing of experiences of both applying for asylum as well as opportunity for sharing cultural experiences that they have been cut off from. These groups supports those who have escaped violence, torture, been disowned by families/communities and persecution by communities/authority. The impact leaves people with acute anxiety, depression and feeling suicidal. LGBT led support provides opportunity to feel safe to be who you are.