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About the organisation
Based in north London, Exposure is a multi-award winning charitable youth communications enterprise. Established by teenagers in 1996 as a voice for local youth, Exposure remains true to its core principles of enabling disadvantaged and at risk young people to thrive creatively – for the good of others, as well as themselves.

Exposure guides and trains young people to harness technology positively and intelligently. They produce and disseminate compelling creative outputs on issues that matter to them to educate and inform their peers and the wider community.

About the project
Celebrating Difference
Exposure’s ‘Celebrating Difference’ project will address the growing issue of youth loneliness and social isolation, by getting young people to share valued and enjoyable aspects of their cultures and identities, with each other and the wider community.

One third of Londoners are foreign-born, and over 200 languages are spoken. Young Londoners may feel different because of their colour, religion, ethnic origin or nationality, including if they are white British. There may also be stigma due to their learning difficulty, disability, mental-health issue, sexuality, gender identity – or simply because they don’t relate to ‘mainstream’ culture.  

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Tel: 020 8883 0260