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Southeast and East Asian Centre (SEEAC) strives to make change in our society so that members of Southeast and East Asian communities in the UK can live without social exclusion and isolation, to be free from discrimination, exploitation and poverty, and to be able to make positive contributions to the wider British society. Southeast and East Asian communities consist of people with backgrounds from countries and regions including but not limited to Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, East-Timor, Brunei, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North and South Koreas, and Japan. These are vast and diverse communities with different experiences, yet also face similar issues and shared experiences as marginalised “Asian Other” ethnic group. With the experience and expertise of some established community leaders and organisations, we aim to provide essential support to members of the wider range of communities reaching out to some of the most under-represented groups.

About the project
The Pink Transcripts –

The Pink Transcripts combines Documentary Theatre and Drama Therapy as a hybrid strategy through regular and sustained workshop sessions for LGBTQ+ and cross-dresser members of the Southeast Asian migrant 

communities. The sessions will lead to a public performance as a form of engagement and conversation with the Southeast Asian migrant communities and with the British public as a whole and as documentation of the narratives of the struggle faced by LGBTQ+ and cross-dressers within the already-marginalized migrant communities in London. The project addresses the lack of spaces for LGBTQ+ and cross-dresser members of the Southeast Asian migrant communities in London to express themselves on challenges on integration and the anxieties and mental health issues due to experiences of violence, exclusion, racism, and discrimination. The project will utilize theatre as a platform for documenting often unheard stories and raising awareness within the Southeast Asian communities and the wider British society.


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