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Together Productions believes that the arts can make a difference: bridging social divides, building community, expanding horizons and opening up new perspectives and relationships. We value artists as cultural leaders, and seek to work with others who aim for the highest artistic outcomes whilst embracing creative collaboration, participation and new voices.

We are interested in projects that challenge hierarchy and convention, shed light on the unexplored or overlooked, and create spaces for new conversations and otherwise marginalised voices.  

About the project
Sing for Freedom Choir
Our project is the Sing For Freedom Choir, whose members are refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced torture in their countries of origin along with Londoners who have joined to sing in solidarity with them. The choir was started by the charity Freedom From Torture in 2016 but they were unable to sustain its funding and withdrew support in July 2017. At the request of the choir Together Productions stepped in and raised over £13000 through a crowdfunding campaign. We were able to restart the choir in 2019, however the funds raised will not sustain it beyond June 2020. This project will allow us to secure the future of the choir by funding it through 2020/21, increasing membership, raising the profile of the project and affording us time to secure ongoing sustained funding.

We have witnessed the huge social and therapeutic benefits the choir offers some of the most marginalised people living in our community. By also including local residents we are able to offer all members the opportunity to connect with each other and share in the joy and experience of singing together. This has a uniquely powerful ability to reduce fear and isolation as well as increasing trust and understanding. Members describe profound therapeutic and social benefits from participation: “one of the worst things about torture is that it silences you – the choir has given me back my voice” and “In my torture time, I lose my confidence, especially in public areas, and I won’t trust anybody…But now, because of this choir, I don’t care, three thousand people and I will go out…I develop skill, I have developed my confidence. Now I trust everybody.”

The project will begin in June 2020 with a large performance during Refugee Week to raise profile of choir, attract press and new members. We will then run the choir for two full terms working to double the membership through Autumn & Spring terms 2020/21. We will use marketing and publicity to attract new members and run taster workshops at the beginning of each term. We will hold weekly rehearsals at the Freedom From Torture centre led by an experienced musical director and performances twice a term. We will hold twice termly meetings of the choir steering committee – formed of choir members, the musical director and TP staff – who steer the direction and development and make all key decisions.”  

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