Thrive LDN Team

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Dan Barrett

Dan leads the Thrive LDN team. Dan has a background in activism and campaigning, and running NHS mental health transformation programmes.

James Ludley
Communications Lead

James leads on Thrive LDN’s citywide communications and engagement across all initiatives. James has a background in activism and campaigning.

Gabriella Baker
Suicide Prevention Lead

Gabriella leads on a number of suicide prevention projects for Thrive LDN, including the development and implementation of a digital data sharing hub for multiple agencies and local authorities pan London.

Glyn Cridland
Digital Communications Lead

Glyn leads on Thrive LDN’s digital communications and social media. He has a background working both in the arts and in political research and  campaigns.

Helen Daly
Evaluation Lead

Helen is leading on the development of an evaluation framework for Thrive LDN, with the aim to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of Thrive LDN on the mental health and wellbeing of Londoners.

Lise Hansen
Culture Lead

Lise leads on Thrive LDN’s programme of cultural activities and events across London. Her work aims to increase awareness of protective factors, such as the benefits of arts and culture on mental health and wellbeing.

Leslie Lawrence
Communities Lead

Leslie is the lead for the Thriving Communities initiatives. Her work aims to help localities across London to establish and lead mental health initiatives in their communities. Leslie also jointly leads Thrive LDN’s evaluation with Helen and Suado.​

Dan Lescure
Senior Mental Health Policy & Programme Officer

Dan leads on Thrive LDN’s partnership development with the Greater London Authority (GLA) and wider GLA network, including the Mayor of London’s office. Dan also supports with Thrive LDN Culture activity.

Suado Nur
Young Londoners Lead

Suado leads on Thrive LDN’s children and young people projects, including Thrive LDN’s partnerships with Discover Storytelling Centre and Mental Health First Aid England. Suado also jointly leads Thrive LDN’s evaluation with Helen and Leslie.