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If you are a parent in Barking and Dagenham, click here – special course starting 25th February

Thrive LDN is working with charity Bounce Forward to provide 1,000 free training course places for parents to help them and their children now and beyond the pandemic.

Bounce Forward is dedicated and passionate about resilience as the key to personal development. They provide evidence-based programmes to support the development of young people and the adults around them. In a new collaboration between Bounce Forward and Thrive LDN, a series of online sessions is being launched for the beginning of 2021 for parents in London.

The sessions will help parents build the understanding, knowledge, and skills of resilience to help children thrive during this time of uncertainty. The sessions start with personal resilience to support parents to look after themselves, something which can be easily forgotten, and focus on resilience in the context of thriving and being able to be the best we can be in the small everyday moments.


The coronavirus crisis has caused millions of households to change their everyday habits. From lockdowns and home schooling to furlough and uncertainty around ongoing safety measures and restrictions. Parents and their children may be finding this challenging for a whole host of reasons – leaving them feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted. This is an opportunity where parents will learn how to build vital skills that will help with the small day to day as well as building a set of tools that help now and into the future.

You can find out more and register for the sessions online here.

Lucy Bailey, CEO and founder of Bounce Forward, said: “The coronavirus is throwing routine out of the window. We are all learning to navigate this new world – and need to refocus our behaviour if we are to react the right way. It can seem like an impossible and never-ending challenge. However, there is a way to strengthen our resolve and even enjoy the trials that life throws at us. Resilience is the secret weapon that can help us overcome challenges, keep perspective, and bounce forward.”

The Rt. Hon. Lord Triesman, Bounce Forward trustee, said: “As a parent myself, I know that this is a particularly difficult time for parents and that many are worried about the impact that school closures and social isolation could have on the wellbeing of not only their children but the whole family. But it’s how we react that matters most. As a society, we need to build vital skills and develop the critical factors which make someone resilient and helps them thrive during this new world.”