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#ZeroSuicideLDN campaign

Encouraging Londoners to take free, online suicide prevention training.

Encouraging Londoners to take free, online suicide prevention training.


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More than 370,000 Londoners have now completed suicide prevention training since the launch of the #ZeroSuicideLDN campaign in 2019

Introducing #ZeroSuicideLDN

It takes around 20 minutes – click ‘Next’ when the training loads.

Around 10 people a week take their own life in London. If someone was in crisis, would you know what to say?

Thrive LDN has partnered with The Zero Suicide Alliance to create the #ZeroSuicideLDN campaign.

Launched by the Mayor of London in 2019, the citywide campaign aims to encourage Londoners to access the Zero Suicide Alliance’s free, online suicide prevention training.

The training takes around 20 minutes to complete and is designed to help people identify warning signs and feel comfortable having conversations about suicide with friends and family.

Take the training

Through this 20-minute suicide awareness training you will gain skills and confidence to help someone who may be considering suicide.

Learn to save a life… take the training today.

It takes around 20 minutes – click ‘Next’ when the training loads.

  • The training is recommended for anyone aged 16 and over.
  • Anyone can learn how to have a potentially life-saving conversation.
  • Learn how to spot suicide warning signs; how to have a conversation with someone you’re worried about; and where to signpost to for further support.

Explore more training options from the Zero Suicide Alliance

  • Here you’ll find a shorter gateway module (5 – 10 minutes), as well as the university, veteran and taxi editions.

Help us spread the word

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day 2023, we’d be grateful if you would help support and share the campaign.

An updated communications toolkit is available to support partners and individuals promote the campaign.

This year the awareness day takes place on a Sunday, so we have collated a range of messages that can be shared on WSPD itself, as well as in the lead up to the day and after. The suggested messaging also includes wider signposting in the context of the current emerging challenges, including cost of living, financial anxiety, and supporting witnesses to suicide.

The increased cost-of living pressures which emerged over this past year have been significant for many across the city and have had a detrimental impact on Londoners’ mental health and wellbeing.

There has never been a more important time to shine a light on the campaign and encourage Londoners to learn how to support those around them who may be in crisis.