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Mental Health First Aid 'top up' webinars

Just like any first aid course, skills learnt on Mental Health First Aid need to be refreshed from time to time.

Just like any first aid course, skills learnt on Mental Health First Aid need to be refreshed from time to time.

Thrive LDN and Mental Health First Aid England (MHFAE) have developed a series of topic-specific webinars, designed to support those who have taken the Mental Health First Aider training and would like to learn more and continue developing in their role.

Led by MHFAE instructors, these hour-long webinars will provide a helpful review of tips and techniques which will help you in your practice.

If you have not previously taken the Mental Health First Aider training but would like to learn more, explore more information about the courses offered.

1. Suicide and self-harm

Join Chris Murray as he summarises the Mental Health First Aiders training to support those who may have experienced incidents of suicide and self-harm, and provides sources of information on how you can support.

2. Emotional resilience

Watch Debbie Kleiner as she discussed the meaning of emotional resilience and how this relates to mental health. Through this session she will provide tips and techniques of how as a Mental Health First Aider you can support people through difficult times.

3. Racial diversity

Yohan McDonald will guide you through this hour-long webinar addressing what is meant by racism and racial diversity and its impact on mental health. In this session he will provide examples of how to have conversations around race, with additional support material provided below.

4. Depression and anxiety

Christine Mohan explores in more detail the topic of depression and anxiety and provides examples and exercises to better understand the conditions, spot early warning signs and identify helpful coping strategies.

5. Eating disorders

Join Anne-Marie Gawen for this webinar which aims to deepen your understanding of eating disorders and how you can apply your skills as a Mental Health First Aider to support the person with the diagnosis and also their support system of friends and family.


Listen to Becky Talbot, as she raises awareness around how inequality and exclusion impacts the mental health for those in the LGBTQAI+ communities and provides practical ways to use your skills to promote equality, inclusivity and visibility giving all Londoners a sense of belonging.

7. Disabilities and chronic illness

Alexandra Langridge will take you through this session with the aim of increasing your awareness and understanding around disability and chronic illness, and the relationship and impact with mental health. This webinar will provide you with tools from your Mental Health First Aider training to support those with a disability or chronic illness more effectively.

8. Neurodiversity

Watch Jane McNeice as she guides you through this webinar providing you with knowledge and skills in your role as a Mental Health First aider to better understand and support people who are neurodivergent.

9. Phobias

Join Dr Cecile Bowie as she discusses phobias. Through this session you will better understand the difference between phobias and extreme dislikes, look at ways that you can reassure and find tips and techniques to support individuals with their phobias.

10. Finance

Join Leanne Horwill, as she provides tips and techniques you can use a Mental Health First Aider to support those who may be struggling through the cost-of-living crisis. This webinar will also provide information on where you can signpost people to get further help.

11. Grief & bereavement

Join Sue Bennett for this webinar which will aid you in your role as a Mental Health First Aider, to support children, young people or adults who are dealing with grief and loss. This session will provide you with a greater understanding around the meaning of grief and provide you with the tools to help those who are affected by it.