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Join a screening of 'Where My Heart Belongs'

James Ludley

Join us for an evening of powerful short films that explore authentic lived experiences of Hong Kongers from the LGBTQ+ community living in London.

We explore their journey, challenges they have faced and most importantly their idea of safe spaces in London.


Safe spaces hold immeasurable significance for the well-being of LGBQT+ individuals and especially for newcomers.

The screenings include selected short films created by the Hong Kong Safe Spaces Project and Hong Kong filmmakers in London, followed by short panel discussions and an opportunity to engage in an interactive Q&A session. 

There are two opportunities to join a screening:

1) Thurs, 28 September 7pm – 9pm at Hackney Chinese Community Services.

2) Sunday, 8 October 6pm – 8pm at Rich Mix.

The Hong Kong Safe Spaces project is funded through the Greater London Authority’s Hong Kong Integration Programme supported by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Hong Kong UK Welcome Programme.