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Webinar with Money A+E: Cost of Living Crisis and the Ethnicity Premium

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James Ludley

Money A+E is working with Thrive LDN to host a webinar on the cost-of-living crisis and the Ethnicity Premium.



Led by Money A+E, the webinar will explore the impact of the cost-of-living-crisis on people’s mental health in the community and workplace. As well as explaining what the Ethnicity Premium is and the impact this is having on racialised and marginalised communities. Before exploring solutions to this anchored in lived experience.

The webinar will be held during Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, which takes place between Mon, 13 May 2024 – Sun, 19 May 2024.

Full date, time and agenda to follow. Key topics will include:

  • Introduction to Money A+E
  • Structural Challenges seen in the workplace and community
  • Lived experience lens and insights
  • Impactful solutions from the community

Register today


If you would like to register for this online webinar, then please complete our online form (or complete below) and we will share full details, including date and time, ahead of the session.

Please note, that due to the pre-election period we may not be able to confirm the finalised timings until early May 2024.

The webinar is supported and funded by the Mayor of London, as part of the response to support Londoners’ economic wellbeing and those impacted by cost of living pressures.

About Money A+E


Find out more about Money A+E on their website.

Thrive LDN spoke with Money A+E co-founder, Jerry During, recently as part of our #ThroughTogether campaign, read more on our website.