Public mental health messaging in response to COVID-19

On behalf of London partners, Thrive LDN is coordinating the public mental health response to COVID-19 in London to support the mental health and resilience of Londoners during and after the pandemic.

London’s digital mental wellbeing service, Good Thinking, is working with Thrive LDN to provide a comprehensive digital support offer for Londoners.

Non-digital forms of support are being explored and will be shared as they emerge.

Thrive LDN tookits

Please use the messaging and collateral within these toolkits across all your channels and within planned communications to support Londoners to access mental health information, digital support and helplines.


Updated Tuesday, 10 May 2022.

Thrive LDN mental health conversation starter

Updated Friday, 14 May 2021.

  • Download in PDF.
  • SIGNSS is a conversation starter tool to support faith and community leaders to engage in mental health conversations with their members.

Led by psychologist and public health specialist Dr Pamela Nkyi and developed through engagement with community leaders across London, SIGNSS aims to normalise conversations about mental health. The ultimate goal is to encourage help-seeking behaviour and signpost people to support. This pack provides information on the conversation starter document, along with suggested social media and newsletter content for partners to share.


Digital assets

The impact of COVID 19 on Londoners’ mental health and wellbeing

Thrive LDN update on evidence, research, and insights

Updated Friday, 3 December 2021.

Thrive LDN has established a public mental health research and community insights function to analyse and present findings from available data, intelligence, and capture insights from Londoners to inform Thrive LDN engagement and activities and wider stakeholders involved in public mental health across London.  

Now, over eighteen months after the pandemic has emerged and London moves into a new phase of recovery and growth, balanced with the uncertainty of the outlook for the Omicron variant we have taken stock of how Londoners’ mental health and wellbeing have been impacted in a nuanced and complex manner.

The following intelligence outlines the evidence, research and insights captured across a range of areas through Thrive LDN’s research and community insights function. Information has been synthesised and summarised to give a current view of public mental health in London and anticipate what lies ahead. For a more detailed and comprehensive view of mental health and wellbeing in the capital, please see our series of briefings across a range of topics.

Further information

Let Thrive LDN know what public mental health support would be helpful to you and let us know about planned activities you have around improving and managing the public’s mental health.