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Getting Through This Together

Getting Through This Together aims to encourage Londoners to strengthen their social networks with family members, friends, and trusted others in their community.

Getting Through This Together aims to encourage Londoners to strengthen their social networks with family members, friends, and trusted others in their community.


When times are tough, it’s important that we look after our own and each other's wellbeing.

Getting Through This Together

The number of people with lived experience of financial worries and mental health issues is growing.

As we enter the spring, resilience to and dealing with the economic crisis and wider threats remains a key priority and challenge for public mental health.

Many Londoners continue to face a challenging and uncertain time, which is being felt unevenly across London. Financial concerns are not always commonly discussed. People may feel a sense of shame about their situation or do not typically discuss personal finance with others. As such, it is important to build resilience – individual but also collective.

Getting Through This Together is a shared campaign which has been developed in response to the increased cost-of-living pressures.

It aims to encourage Londoners to strengthen their social networks with family members and friends, and trusted others in their community – which we know is going to be a significant factor in supporting people during this period. As well as highlighting the professional support and advice services which are available.

Activating the campaign

Our success comes down to having people in each and every community who can help us amplify our messages.

You can explore our Getting Through This Together campaign toolkit and use the assets across your own digital channels, and signpost to localised services or resources.

Download and use a range of Getting Through This Together printable posters.

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok share our content.

You can subscribe to our regular updates and encourage others to do the same.

You might even have ideas for content that showcases how people are ‘Getting Through This Together’ in your community or for events that bring the campaign to life. Get in touch with the team and let us know.

Ultimately, you know your community best.

Can you help find the best channels and the best way to connect people with the campaign – and help us get through this together?

#ThroughTogether stories

Highlighting the power of community kindness

As part of the Getting Through This Together campaign, we have been working with community groups and organisations to create a series of short stories.

The #ThroughTogether stories showcase how Londoners are making a difference to those in their local community and beyond by supporting each other through the emotional pressures and challenges they may be feeling right now.

Eleven community examples range from ‘Meet Up Mondays’ in a Wimbledon pub, to song writing, rap and spoken word with young Londoners in Woolwich, as well as a family centre helping to provide empowerment and build confidence near Battersea Park. Pupils at a school in south west London also tell us how they have set up their own ‘chitter chatter benches’ to encourage kindness and caring in the playground.

Watch the stories now.

You can also find the films across our digital channels and on our #ThroughTogether YouTube playlist.

But we know this is just a snapshot. Examples of community kindness can be found right across our city.

We want this campaign to draw in more stories, to shine a light on how we are dealing with the current pressures, and to create a space to share how people are making a difference to others. Get in touch with the team and let us know.

Free training

Access free mental health training

In response to the increased cost-of-living pressures, Thrive LDN is promoting a series of free training offers to support London’s key workers, community champions and volunteers. Find out more via the links below.

1) Trauma-informed practice training

Thrive LDN is working with Nicola Lester Psychological Trauma Consultancy to support individuals and organisations to access free, pre-recorded trauma-informed practice training. Offered at three levels, bronze, silver and gold, this training series is designed to help professionals and volunteers gain an understanding of the impact of trauma and to integrate a trauma informed approach to practice.

2) Suicide prevention training

Thrive LDN has partnered with the Zero Suicide Alliance, who have created a free, online training program to help people to be able to identify warning signs and to feel comfortable having conversations about suicide. Now more than 335,000 amazing Londoners have accessed suicide prevention training since the launch of the Zero Suicide LDN campaign by the Mayor of London in 2019. Join them today, take the training.

2) Help yourself and Others

Thrive LDN’s Help Yourself and Others section of our website focuses on things that enable good wellbeing, alongside free wellbeing training opportunities.